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Pickleball Open House

I hope everyone got out this weekend to play.  Baldwin Park is seeing LOTS of action and the renovations to Zuck Park and Asbury Park are set to start tomorrow.  Looking to see other courts in our area?  Check out the Kahkwa Club's six beautiful c...

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Save the Dates

This weekend kicks off the unofficial start of summer!  We have so much planned.  All locations are to be determined and will be announced later as we are working on logistics like obtaining permits, etc.  However, please save these dates if the f...

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General Reminders

I had some major FOMO (fear of missing out) this morning while I knew so many friends were gathered and playing at the new Baldwin Courts.  I have received countless photos and positive messages filled with happiness and gratitude about the new co...

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The News Some (Most) Have Been Waiting For

Guess what is happening tomorrow (Tuesday) morning? The LONG awaited time is here.  I just spoke with Bob B. and the City let him know that the locks will be taken off the courts at Baldwin and they will be playable tomorrow morning!  Is anyone el...

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