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What is the best place to play pickleball in Erie?

Oto Hlincik asked almost 3 years ago
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Unfortunately, currently in Erie, PA, there are not too many good places to play pickleball outdoors. The Baldwin Park seems to be where most pickleball is played outside. There are some people that have private courts but you need to know them to play there. Also, the Kahkwa and Lakeshore country clubs have pickleball courts available for their members.

Indoors it's even worse. Couple of the YMCA locations have pickleball courts lined in the gym but playing on a hardwood floor is not the best experience. Probably the best place to play indoors is the Westwood Racquet Club. They offer a special pickleball membership.

The Erie Pickleball Players Association website would be a great resource to keep track of where the pickleball play is happening at any given time. Also, I know that they have been working on a plan to build some brand new courts at the Baldwin Park but it's been slow moving.