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Does the weight of a pickleball paddle matter?

Oto Hlincik posted over 2 years ago
1 answer
I see that there are various weights published by pickleball paddle makers. The majority of manufacturers list the paddles between 7.5oz - 8oz. But there are some paddles that are heavier, as much as 8.5oz. Seems like many players further customize their paddles to add even more weight. Why would you want to do that?
More weight will add more stability and power to the paddle. Stability on balls that come quickly and more power as you hit through balls with more mass than a lighter paddle. I personally put lead tape from 10 and 2 all the way down through the handle. I think this balances the paddle and allows for the best overall feel. Weight added to the top of the paddle will help with the slow game around the kitchen but will naturally slow your hands down as the tip of the paddle will be pulled downward. I notice added lead that’s applied just an inch above my usual 10/2 location will slow my hand speed down in “firefights” or “hands battles” so be careful with where you apply lead and pay attention to how you respond to it. Added weight is great until it messes with your maneuverability.