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Pickleball Q&As

Should you hit the return of serve to the stronger player to make them hit the third shot and keep them farther back?

mayfieldpickleball posted almost 3 years ago
2 answers
Totally depends on the strengths of both players. How good is the non-hitting partners movement to the net. Who has the better drop? The real question is what target will minimize the most risk. Unless someone just can’t hit a drop well, I would mix up my targets as good players will get in a rhythm and find a solution to whatever play you consistently try. 
Matt is right on! The best shot is the one that puts you in the best position to win. I would add two thoughts also. One good reason to hit a deep return crosscourt is that it gives you plenty of time to get to the NVZ. Also, it's probably a bad idea to do the exact same thing every time.Try not to be too predictable. A great shot to hit occasionally is a drop return crosscourt. If you do that well no more than a few times a game, you'll likely catch them off guard and outright win the rally, or the partner will try to get it and leave a lot of open court.